New Frontpage

Whatever the reason you find yourself here, welcome.

What you see here is a tiny fraction of my work. And below, a bit about me and my career.

I left the ad industry a few years ago and I took two years off from 2011-14.

It was an awesome career, I flew all around the world filming my and my writer’s ideas. If you know how ads are made you also know it’s not just the writer who writes.

I had an unusual and idillic upbringing, I was very lucky. But it wasn’t all plain sailing, I had my challenges and these, coupled with other early lessons made me very determined and very intolerant of bullshit. Especially in contrast with the way society has been driven over the last 40 years.

Initially in the 80s 90s I was determined to avoid adland but as my career took off and I started to have kids (3 so far) I bit my lip and started to make ads because that’s where the money used to be. It was also a viable full time career option with all the added perks and benefits, although I always avoided management, preferring instead to just make ads and go home at 6pm.

Things were cool for quite a while although my keen nose for all forms of bullshit and wrong doing really started to itch. The stink got so bad I just decided to leave. It appears I did this just in time. I won’t go into details but adland was no longer about creative originality and clearly no longer the happy place it used to be, people around me were owned by it and stressed all the time. The work being produced was/is not about selling products and services. With brands forming their own agencies the two are becoming merged into one global entity, they’re becoming immensely powerful. Amazon is a good example. And so is Facebook. These and other brands are meddling with government and it’s said Facebook is owned by government. It’s all very disturbing.

Many other experienced creatives, some very well know, now have website and podcasts where they talk for hours about how famous ads were made back in the day, it’s all awesome work and very nostalgic. Adland really did have a core of amazingly talented creatives, many of whom cannot find work at all now.

It can be sad looking back but I think you have to reinvent yourself and live in the moment.

There’s immense change occurring in our world right now. I wish you luck and suggest you plan well ahead and don’t listen to bullshit.