This could be my most important post ever. And something I’m very passionate about. Not following the herd. Luckily it set me in good stead at BBH with their Zig when the world Zags line. Sadly the control the media in general and group think have over us is just as great if not greater than in previous decades. Please be aware of this and take everything with a pinch of salt. Don’t always go with the herd, think for yourself and don’t become a pawn of very sinister powers.


Important lessons in brand communication

Important lessons in brand communication

Sad news about the death of veteran David Bernstein, founder of The Creative Business and an ad industry commentator. Here’s a great piece all about risk. Can you risk not watching it? Some wonderful insights and accents. Enjoy.

Aaron Draplin

Designer Aaron Draplin

I first found this guy around 2 years ago. I wanted to post about him again, he’s such a refreshing thing to the cookie cutter, digital stuff that’s everywhere now. He really reminds me of how were were back at art college. I’ve always had a retro liking myself, I don’t call it vintage. For 30yrs I’ve collected 1930s 40s 50s American radios. So much nostalgia from an awesome era.